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Epoch Times reviews The Desecrators: “Schlapp and Hudson are taking a fighting stance”

The Epoch Times recently reviewed The Desecrators, calling it “crisply written” and “razor sharp”.

“For Schlapp and Hudson, the battle is on sacred ground…”

“While they list a litany of forces that threaten democracy—cancel culture, Black Lives Matter, shaming, critical race theory—they also highlight where many are standing up against these forces at school board meetings, town councils, state legislatures and so forth. More and more Americans are moving beyond “whispering” their support to openly voicing their opinions in public forums.

“Tired of the bullying of conservatives, the authors urge Americans to reject being shamed and put on the defensive. Shrug it off and stand with confidence to say that America has millions of good people. One shouldn’t think otherwise.”

“Schlapp and Hudson are taking a fighting stance. They are razor sharp about pointing out the ongoing threats to civil society and the tactics being used to undermine the country. They would like to see the negative narrative turned to one more nurturing.”

Read the full review at The Epoch Times, and order your copy of The Desecrators today.

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